Sheet Butt Fusion Machine SWT-PH6000

Item No.: SWT-PH6000
Weldable sheet thickness:3.0-30.0mm
Max.working length:6000mm
Roll circle diameter minimum:550mm
Air pressure(kg.f /cm2):6.0-8.0
Energy source(m3/min):0.0075
Rated current:13.6A
Heating Power:12kW
Specification/Model SWT-PH6000
Dimensions Machine Body 7300mm X 2550mm X 1250mm
Weldable Materials PVC, PE, PP, PVDF; twin walls in PE and PP.
Max. Working Length (mm) 6000
Sheet Thickness (mm) 3-30
Min. Cylinder Diameter (mm) 600
Pressure Setting Method Digital
Pressure Controller SMC electric proportional valve
Alarming buzzing
Power consumption (KW) 12kw
Power supply 380V/415V 3P 50/60Hz
Compressed air connection (bar) 6-8 kg/cm²
Motor of cylinder (KW) 4.4kw
Sheet Locking Clamps Pneumatic
Welding System CNC
Display 7inch
Hardware Control Panel PLC
Heating Plate Teflon coated (mm) 6200mm X 60mm X 20mm